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Terms & Conditions

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Trademarks & Copyrights
All images on this site are the copyright of Charts and Chatter Ltd., Educational Wall Charts and may not be reproduced without prior written approval.
Use of Charts and Chatter Images & Artwork
Retailers may use unaltered copies of our artwork and photos on their websites for advertising our products, but only with our permission. Please get in touch with us to enquire, and this will mean we can provide retailers with updates to any artwork and images when we update these.


You may not under any circumstance link to any of the images on our website, and you must take an unaltered copy of the image hosted on your own servers. Our images are subject to change and your rights to use any images are subject to the agreement to remove those image copies should we request you to do so.

Journalists should please contact us for permission to use our images in any copy.


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