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Charts & Chatter Educational Wall Charts for Pre-School Children- Our Story
Charts & Chatter was formed by two experienced early-years educators who managed an ‘Outstanding’ pre-school together.

Reflecting pre-school best practice

Reflecting pre-school best practice means swapping plastic toys for real things made of natural materials, designing creative and enabling play areas and finding resources that encourage pre-school children to express their thoughts and learn new words and phrases.

Reflecting the diverse world we live in

We searched for alphabet and number charts that reflected the diverse world we live in today with real photos and positive images. However, what we were looking for did not exist, no matter what words went into the search bar. We decided to make our own and Charts & Chatter was born. 

Giving our children the ability to speak and converse

We believe that having a rich and varied vocabulary gives our pre-school children the ability to speak freely and converse. We did not want The Alphabet Chart and The Number Chart to become invisible as soon as they were put on the walls, after all, what is the point of that? 

We turned each photo image on The Alphabet Chart into individual cards with open-ended questions on the back of each card.  


We wanted our pre-school children to learn not just numbers, but also mathematical concepts and contexts. The best way to learn is through practical hands-on experiences, so each card of The Number Chart has an action alongside the questions as a way for pre-school children to grasp these concepts for themselves.


Deliver a modern, interactive approach to early years learning

These ‘actions’ can be done on the spot with little or no preparation because we know that adults who look after young children are always busy!

We present Charts & Chatter, charts with cards that mirror today’s society and challenge our pre-school children to:


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